Matt Oberg voiced the character of "Mark" in Comedy Central's "Ugly Americans" as well as the role of anchor man "Mark Shepard" in The Onion Network's "Sports Dome", also for Comedy Central.

Other television credits include 30 Rock, Delocated, and the "Dave Chapelle Show". He is a member of "Big Black Car" an improv team at the Peoples Improv Theater, NYC and a frequent collaborator with the Obie Award winning John Clancy.

He has appeared in a slew of national commercials and hosts the quarterly presented variety show "The Downtown Superstar Ten Minute Hour".

Stephen Schneider graduated from Emory University in Atlanta, where he wrote and directed his first feature film "Puberty: The Movie," starring David Wain, Joe Lo Truglio and Amy Sedaris.

He then launched the sketch comedy website "thebsquad," featuring original sketches in which he performed and wrote. Several of his sketches have been featured in festivals, on television and on the home pages of Gawker, Break and Funny or Die. Stephen went on to work as a writer and correspondent for "InfoMania," a comedic news show.

Schneider recently wrote, produced and starred in the award-winning Feature film "The Funniest Movie Ever," directed by Eric Ledgin, where he stars as wannabe stand-up comic Steve Deeds who's trying to make it big in the City of Angels.

Stephen played "Rav" in the NBC comedy "Best Friends Forever".

Anna Chlumsky entered show business at an early age. She is best known for playing "Vada Sultenfuss" in the 1991 movie "My Girl" and the 1994 sequel "My Girl 2".

She was in "Gold Diggers: The Secret of Bear Mountain" with Christina Ricci, in which they "clown around" on a "haunted" mountain and has several indie film credits under her belt.

Anna starred in an Off-Broadway production of "Unconditional" by Brett C. Leonard at The Public Theater in NYC and has made numerous guest appearances on shows like "30 Rock", "Law & Order", "Covert Affairs" and "White Collar" to name a few.

Anna is enjoying a career resurgence and is currently playing the role of "Amy Brookheimer" in HBO's "Veep".

Bree Sharp graduated from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts. Upon graduation, she garnered national attention with her cult-hit, "David Duchovny (Why Won't You Love Me?)".

Bree has released 3 solo albums and more recently 2 EPs with her new band, Beautiful Small Machines (BSM), including a duet with Duran Duran's front man, Simon Le Bon.

BSM's songs have been used most recently on ABC's "Castle", "The Hills", the new "90210", and on promos for Starz and Victoria's Secret. Their cover of MIA's "Paper Planes" was the number one top music pick for London's The Guardian in April of 2012.

She is thrilled to make her acting film debut in Bert and Arnie's Guide to Friendship playing the hard-nosed, sexy, book critic, "Erica Schwartzen-Muth".

Born in New Jersey, Cristin Milioti embarked on her acting career by attending NYU's Tisch School for the Arts.

On the small screen, Cristin had a recurring role on "The Sopranos" and has also made appearances on "30 Rock," "Nurse Jackie,"and "The Good Wife".

Cristin has worked extensively on Broadway in productions such as "Coram Boy" and "The Lieutenant of Inishmore". Her Off-Broadway credits include roles in "Crooked" and "The Devil's Disciple".

Cristin Milioti is a 2012 Tony Award Best Actress nominee and 2013 Grammy Award winner for her leading role in the critically acclaimed Broadway musical, “Once”.

Adrian Martinez is an actor, writer, and producer with over seventy film and TV credits. He recently played the recurring role of "Hector" on CBS' "A Gifted Man" opposite Patrick Wilson.

Adrian's TV work includes HBO's "Flight of the Conchords" and Jon Stewart's "Three Strikes" and over forty TV guest spots, including "Sex and the City", "The Sopranos", "Law & Order" and a slew on national TV commercials including State Farm's Aaron Rodgers campaign.

Adrian's recent screen credits include "It's Kind of a Funny Story", "Casa De Mi Padre", "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close" and "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty".

Debargo Sanyal can be seen this summer opposite Academy Award winner Morgan Freeman in the new feature film "The Magic of Belle Isle", directed by Rob Reiner.

Debargo's other feature film credits include Miramax's "Everybody's Fine" (opposite Robert De Niro), "Today's Special" (opposite Aasif Mandvi), "The Normals" (opposite Bryan Greenberg), "Red Hook", "Karma Calling", "Made for Each Other" and "Quarter Life Crisis".

Ian Springer (L) Jeff Kaplan (R)

People often ask us, "Hey, Jeff and Ian, which one of you is Bert and which one of you is Arnie?" Let us take this opportunity to set the record straight:

BERT AND ARNIE'S GUIDE TO FRIENDSHIP is a story about two men who insist on camouflaging what they are actually feeling even as their lives spiral out of control. It's certainly far removed from our own life experiences, as we are very happy, well-adjusted people, just like all comedy writers.

Actually, neither of us are exactly like Bert or Arnie, but bits of each of them are in the both of us. We'll even do you one better, there's some of Bert and Arnie in you, your best friend, your boss, and everyone else. If you've ever been afraid to show your sensitive side, you've got some Arnie in you. If you've ever been trapped in the "Friend Zone," you've definitely got some Bert in you. Bert and Arnie are just our basic insecurities taken to the extreme.

They're characters who have devoted their lives to convincing the world they are something they're not, when what they really are is lonely, frustrated and miserable - in other words, the stuff of comedy. So whether you're closer to Bert or closer to Arnie, we hope you'll enjoy getting to know and grow with them as much as we did.

Your friends,

Jeff Kaplan and Ian Springer
New York - May 2013

Ian Springer (L) Jeff Kaplan (R)

Jeff Kaplan and Ian Springer met in 1996 at a high school film program at Boston University and immediately disliked each other. The two met again when they lived across the hall from one another at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts, and eventually bonded over their shared love of Woody Allen, Billy Wilder, and Alexander Payne.

In 2004, Jeff's senior thesis film, "Love And Adventure In New York," won best screenwriting and second place overall at the New York Magazine First Run Film Festival. He went on to direct music videos and commercials as part of the Brooklyn-based directing collective Waverly Films. His video for the dance track "Make a Move on Me" by Joey Negro (co-directed by Ben Dickinson) went viral, with nearly 20,000,000 views on YouTube.

Based on their script BERT AND ARNIE'S GUIDE TO FRIENDSHIP, Jeff and Ian were signed to 3 Arts Entertainment, and worked with Todd Phillips Company (Old School, The Hangover), adapting a magazine article entitled "Goodbye To Romance," written by David Benioff (25th Hour, Game of Thrones). In 2009 they worked as writers on Comedy Central's Webby award-winning online series "Stickman: Exodus."

BERT AND ARNIE'S GUIDE TO FRIENDSHIP is their first feature film.

Waj Arshad (L) Jane Basina (C) Sal Irizarry (R)

Sal Irizarry founded Justified Ends Entertainment for the development and production of motion pictures, television and web delivered content. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in TV and Film Studies from St. John’s University and graduated from the New York Film Academy’s Producing Conservatory program. Before becoming involved in film production, he worked in real estate sales and finance for companies in San Mateo and Calabasas, CA, where he specialized in structuring Real Estate Investment Trust’s and 1031 Exchanges for high net-worth individuals.

Waj Arshad studied Economics and Political Science at York University in Toronto and earned a degree in Journalism. He later graduated from the New York Film Academy’s Producing Conservatory program. Before venturing into filmmaking, Waj had over 7 years of management experience in the fields of telecommunications, retail and advertising for both print and TV.

Jane Basina graduated from Cambridge Arts and Sciences in the UK and also completed the New York Film Academy’s Producing Conservatory program. Jane is currently working towards her B.A. in Business at NYU.

Along with “Bert and Arnie’s Guide to Friendship”, they also executive produced “SHOWING UP: A conversation about the audition”, a feature length documentary that delves into the actor’s auditioning process. The cast includes Sam Rockwell, Kristin Chenoweth, Nathan Lane, Eli Wallach and a bevy of Tony Award winning actors. James Morrison and Riad Galayini, Directors.

Bert Sheering is a successful author and academic who thought he was married to the perfect woman, Linda. Unfortunately for Bert, Linda has been saying another man’s name in her sleep. That name is Arnie Hubert. Bert tracks Arnie down and discovers a macho, Type-A executive who’s been sleeping with his wife and numerous other married women around New York City.

Bert is a broken man but things start looking up when he is offered a job at a prestigious university. His moral compass is then tested when a pupil, Faye, offers him sex in exchange for an internship with the famous literary critic, Erica Schwartzen-Muth, who has panned every one of Bert’s novels without mercy.

Meanwhile, Arnie’s world is shaken up when the lovely Sabrina is hired as his new boss. The two begin seeing each other but Sabrina’s interest in Arnie is purely sexual. Having never met a woman who didn’t want more from him, Arnie falls head over heels in love with Sabrina yet she keeps him at arm’s length.

Arnie hatches a plan to convince Sabrina that he’s friends with the writer of a book she’s currently reading, the author Bert Sheering. This will prove him to be a deep, thoughtful guy worthy of her love. Arnie’s plan backfires when Sabrina meets Bert and is more interested in him than Arnie anticipated. Much to Bert’s chagrin, Sabrina only wants him for his sensitivity and conversation.

The two men become unraveled and when the dust settles, they have no choice but to pick up the pieces. With their lives finally falling into place, Bert and Arnie see no reason why they can’t be friends. Yes, Arnie slept with Bert’s wife. Sure, Bert tried to steal Arnie’s woman, but no one said making friends was easy. It’s BERT AND ARNIE’S GUIDE TO FRIENDSHIP.

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  • “...winning romantic comedy with four solid performances.”
    — indieWIRE
  • “...does one thing that is pretty damn essential for a comedy: it’s funny”
  • “ of the few recent films to make me laugh out loud repeatedly.”
  • “...leading men Oberg and Schneider both bring worthwhile talents to the table and to their roles.”
    — Movies with Abe
  • "...excellent story and likable characters to brighten your day.”
    — Washington Square News
  • “...for the art house crowd, this is the must-see comedy of this summer”
    — W.L. Swarts Reviews The Universe

Bert is a published author and university professor who discovers that his wife has been having an affair with Arnie. His personal life in shambles, he immerses himself in his work, only to fend off sexual advances from his prized student, Faye. Conflicted and sexually frustrated, Bert meets Sabrina, through of all people, Arnie, and sees her as his best chance to have rebound sex while one upping Arnie in the process.

Arnie is a womanizing businessman who, much to his annoyance, always finds himself in bed with girls who want cuddle after sex. Arnie can't get these girls out of his bed quickly enough that is until he meets his new boss, Sabrina. Sabrina feels that Arnie isn't boyfriend material so he sets out to convince her that there's more to him than meets the eye.

Sabrina is brought in to be Arnie's new boss and, upon meeting him, thinks he would be the perfect guy to have a fun office fling with. Through Arnie she meets Bert, who she thinks would be the ideal guy to cuddle and share her feelings with. It would be a pretty good plan if Bert and Arnie didn't have the exact opposite ideas in mind.

Erica is one of the most respected and feared literary critics in New York City feared especially by Bert. More than anyone else, Erica practically has X-Ray vision when it comes to seeing through Bert's "sensitive author" shtick. She thoroughly enjoys calling him out and then watching him squirm.

Faye is Bert's star pupil, possessing a not-so-secret crush on her favorite professor. When enlisting Bert's help to land a prestigious internship, Faye offers to sleep with Bert if he gets her what she wants. Despite being horribly bumbling with her sexual advances, Bert can't help but find the offer just a tad tempting.

The way Ernesto sees it, he's got a pretty sweet gig: a nice, cushy office job that pays the bills. He doesn't mind being a worker bee. The only thing he minds is having to work with Arnie. He minds that. A lot.

A sweet, innocent type who would never hurt a fly, Wesley is no match for the human wrecking ball that is Arnie. Whether it's Wesley's inability to high five or his (totally imagined) designs on Sabrina, Arnie has got his eye on this guy and doesn't like the look of him.